Effective Meetings

A tailor-made programme to suit your training requirements. This programme can facilitate senior managers, middle managers, line managers and supervisors.


The aim of the Effective Meetings Programme is to provide the critical skills, knowledge and behaviours required to harness the energy of a group/committee and achieve above average results using facilitation and emotional intelligence.



At the end of the programme learners will be able to:

  1. Validate the reasons why we have meetings and the importance of delivering high quality outputs in the shortest possible time.
  2. Achieve a quantum leap in Emotional Intelligence & recognise the necessity of embracing/ harnessing different strengths in different people to achieve excellent results from teams.
  3. Highlight and address the most common problems with meetings and develop the recipe for facilitating successful group meetings including best practice in agenda setting and minute taking.
  4. Demonstrate the key skills, roles and behaviours of a facilitator/chairperson that are conducive to highly successful productive meetings.
  5. Recognise and manage difficult group members/behaviours.
  6. Identify personal strengths and weaknesses in facilitating meetings through practice and discussion.
  7. (Optional) Achieve higher productivity from conference calls by applying basic codes of practice.


Two full working days programme.

How Will I Learn?

This course is delivered using international best practice in adult learning. As a result the programme highly participatory using a range of training tools, methods and techniques to ensure that participants get the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge, learn from each other and are given the opportunity to apply and practice the critical skills, knowledge and attitudes required to be an excellent trainer.

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