Performance Appraisal and Development (Appraiser)


The aim of this workshop is to provide the essential skills, knowledge and attitudes of appraisers (managers/supervisors) to maximize benefits for both the company and staff members from the performance appraisal and development (PAD) process.


Unit Plan

The programme will include the following units:

  1. Excellent PAD facilitators
  2. Benefits of PAD
  3. Challenges and solutions
  4. Key deliverables
  5. Facilitating with emotional intelligence
  6. Reviewing/Setting Goals


At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  1. List the benefits of PAD and the attributes of an excellent PAD facilitator
  2. Recognise and overcome the key challenges in the process
  3. Understand the key deliverables sought in each section of the PAD form
  4. Facilitate staff members to provide appropriate, meaningful and accurate answers during the PAD meeting by having an emotionally intelligent conversation.
  5. Outline key tips for reviewing/agreeing meaningful goals aligned to the corporate goals.


This programme can be delivered over half a day

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