Performance Conversations


The aim of this programme is to provide supervisors and managers with the essential skills, knowledge and attitudes to successfully facilitate effective 1:2:1 performance conversations and increase productivity, profitability and competiveness.


Unit Plan

The programme will include the following units:

  1. Performance Defined
  2. Root Cause Analysis
  3. Motivation and Learning Styles (Honey and Mumford)
  4. Constructive Feedback
  5. Performance Conversations
  6. IDIPES Best Practice in 1:2:1 training (Supervisors) / Group Facilitation Skills (Managers)


At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  1. Define what is performance
  2. Diagnose performance issues
  3. Recognise and understand differing motivation factors for each of the four different learning styles
  4. Demonstrate the power of applying the constructive feedback (Sandwich Technique)
  5. List advantages of two communication over one way communication
  6. Facilitate highly effective win-win performance conversations
  7. Implement and monitor agreed actions.

There are two versions of the Performance Conversation programme. One version is designed for supervisors and one version for Managers. Both address objectives listed above however there is an additional objective for both.

Supervisor Additional Objective:

  1. Deliver one to one training in accordance with best practice

Manager Additional Objective:

  1. Facilitate production group meetings


The programme is two days in duration or can alternatively be delivered in four X 3 hour sessions to facilitate shift patterns.

Key Training Programmes